1. Getting the visa

2 . Living and creating roots in portugal

3. Planning ahead

1. Getting the visa

2. Living and creating roots in Portugal

3. Planning ahead

Depending on the moment you’re living, the risks you should be getting protection/coverage can also differ.


We’ve defined three stages, but consider this only
as a guide, also because depending on the kind
of visa, needs can also differ:

Besides the coverage solutions, Winsurance ensures full insurance assistance on your journey in Portugal:

  • No additional fees
  • Personal assistance (b2b)
  • Team’s multilanguage skills
  • Omnichannel communication (24/7/365)
    E&O insurance policy (no claims ever)
  • Direct contacts from Winsurance’s team to assist and support
  • Oversee insurance claims to ensure fair dealing and satisfaction
  • Scheduling renewals to stay covered
  • Personal information privacy and confidentiality (data protection)
1.Getting the visa
Travel Incoming

It’s required for the VFS/Embassy/Consulate meeting

Our tailor-made solution fully complies with the Portuguese authorities’ requirements and has 100% acceptance!


Often is required for SEF’s appointment, and it’s key to obtain quick access to healthcare in Portugal.

We have international plans (worldwide cover) as well as local/Portuguese health insurance policies/plans.

Key points to consider:


  • Territorial scope (worldwide with or without USA and Canada, Europe, Portugal)
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage
  • No age limit
  • No diseases excluded (insurers never mention this on the quotes!)

  • Insurer can’t cancel or aggravates the contract based on the individual claims made (insurers never mention this on the quotes!)
  • Pandemics
  • HIV, serious illness, congenital diseases
  • Palliative care, hemodialysis
  • War
Rental Guarantee

It’s a rental facilitator acting as a guarantee to Landlord’s, who are indemnity for:

  • Tenant’s default due to any reason (non-payment of rent): monthly indemnity of a maximum of 12 rents, and two rents as excess/deductible (this two-month excess has to be covered by the bond, as the insurer only pays after 2 months of default)
  • Tenant vandalism (committed on the property in case of default: up to €3,000 and a deductible of €300 (content is excluded))

And also covers legal actions suing the Tenant on behalf of the landlord

2.Living and creating roots in Portugal

Healthguard Assistance

All health insurance policies have restrictions regarding Assistance at Home.

This solution overtakes these Health insurance restrictions, covering:

  • Nursing at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Home assistance at daily life needs

And also provide:

  • Medical concierge advice (24/7 assistance by doctors and nurses fully English speaking) helping drive the healthcare systems (public and Private)
  • Residential nursing home access – to temporary or permanent situations – at a lower cost
Property And Private Liability

To most of us, property it’s the most relevant investment; insure it properly!!

Insuring the building – house or apartment – and/or the content (also known as rental insurance) to:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vanadalism
  • Water damages

  • Aesthetic damages

Key points to consider:

  • Rules to evaluate the Building’s limit
  • Rules to evaluate the Content’s limit
  • Rules to insure Valuable goods (fur, jewelry, gold, silver, fine art, antiques, expensive watches, pottery, bicycle > 2.500€).
  • Accidental Damage
  • Home Adaptations in the Event of Disability
  • Liability’s owner or tenant
  • Liability’s private life
  • Earthquake cover (in Portugal, every year, plenty of earthquakes occur: https://www.ipma.pt/pt/geofisica/sismicidade/)

Nowadays, the car it’s a commodity, but there are deep differences in car insurance coverage.

Usual coverages:

  • Civil liability (third party cover)
  • Breakage of glass
  • Treatment expenses
  • Death or permanent disability
  • Theft or Robbery
  • Fire, lightning, or explosion
  • Natural phenomena (strong wind, hail, torrential rains, floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc)
  • Impact, collision, overturning
  • Vandalism

Besides usual coverages names, their coverage’s scope can be very different among insurers. Also, there are some differential coverages you should be aware:

  • Ensuring the purchase amount for two or three years instead of the typical monthly or annual devaluation
  • Driver’s full protection
  • Roadside assistance
  • Legal defense and protection

In Portugal, the rule is to insure the car, and, commonly, anyone driving it with a valid driver’s license is insured. Also, damages to third party and medical expenses arising from an accident are part of the car insurance scope.


Even though you have Health insurance policy covering worldwide for a certain period, you can’t rely on it to travel abroad because local Health insurance:

  • Usually doesn’t cover Medical Repatriation;
  • Coverage it’s limited to the Portuguese medical expenses level
  • Co-pays in client’s charge out of the healthcare network are commonly 50%
  • Only covers abroad due to sudden illness or accident abroad
  • Doesn’t cover flight cancelation, luggage, liability, etc

This is why you still need Travel Insurance to get Repatriation coverage, to avoid medical expenses excess/co-pay, and even not capped medical expenses abroad to most countries (in especially North America).

Depending on travel frequency, you should evaluate a trip-by-trip or an annual coverage.


Pets are part of nowadays families; treat them as Family too.
Two key areas:

  • Pet’s well-being based on health insurance to prevent diseases and to treat them
  • Protect yourself regarding liability coverage and legal defense.

We also have dedicated solutions to cover risk arising from specific activities or sports:

  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Surf and water sports
  • Hiking
  • Ski and winter sports
  • Boat and water vehicles

3.Planning ahead

Key Person

If you are the key person in your Family or Business you may consider cover some risks as:

  • Life insurance up to 20.000.000€
  • Income protection due to temporary or permanent disability arising from a disease or an accident
  • Travel insurance policy with medical expenses uncapped and worldwide coverage

Besides being mandatory on most of the mortgages, it’s a tool to ensure Family’s economic stability, as well as personal future in case of a disability and consequent income loss.

It works due to illness or accident, and it should be updated accordingly with the personal life’s changes.

Besides death or disability coverages, also severe diseases can be covered.

Besides usual coverages names, their coverage’s scope can be very different among insurers, in special Disability coverages wording.


Because death is something all of us have for sure, if you are 65 or more years old, you can start planning it ahead:

  • Relieving Family worry, about all of the arrangements, legal procedures and paperwork.
  • Saving Family expenses, when the time comes.
  • Complementing the health insurance lack of coverage regarding Home Nursing and Home Assistance.

It also insures:

  • Body transfer to Portugal (uncapped)
  • Funeral abroad Portugal (capped)