Cyber Risk

D&O Liability

E&O Liability

Luxury Goods

Fine Arts

Health professionals

Key Person

Loss of Pilot’s Licence

Income Protection

Clinical Trials

Disability, Death or Serious Illness

Extreme Activities

Audiovisual Production

Credit Intermediaries

Prize Insurance

Cyber Risk

Aims to protect against possible security breaches, computer viruses, hacker attacks, dishonest or negligent workers, information leaks, identity theft, among others.

Main guarantees:

  • Cyber extortion
  • Computer forensics
  • ”RGPD” responsibility
  • Image/Reputation rehabilitation
  • Data recovery
  • Legal expenses
  • Legal advisory

D&O Directors and Officers

Aims to protect personal property of those in power positions when it comes to decision making and management in the company, against actions from third parties, such as official regulation organs, clients, suppliers, liquidators, administrators or even workers.

  • Complaints against an insured person for harmful management acts
  • Refunding the company for claims against the insured person
  • Complaints against the company for harmful management acts
    Employment practices (complaints against workers while in management practices)
  • Costs related to a management crisis
  • Legal defense costs

E&O Errors and Omissions

Protection of damages and losses that may result from possible professional errors, such as: Lawyers, Consultants, Engineers, Technologists, etc.

Main guarantees:

  • Professional liability
  • Reputation damage
  • Violation of intellectual property
  • Legal defense costs

Luxury Goods

For their specificity, the luxury items require equally specific and wide-ranging insurance coverage.

We adapt the protection solutions to the profile and lifestyle of the owners, as well as to the geographic scope.

Protection, secrecy and confidentiality …

Fine Art

Aimed at Collectors, Foundations and Gallerists, in partnership with the world’s largest specialist in Fine Art Insurance, we offer a special set of guarantees:

  • All Risks Cover
  • Transport and stays included automatically
  • Secrecy and confidentiality
    Worldwide Coverage
  • Free movement of works / pieces between the insured’s dwellings, without the need for notice to the Insurer
  • Compensation for the value of the devaluation of restored assets in the event of partial loss
  • Flexibility / adaptation to individual needs

In addition, personalized and specialized service is provided in:

  • Advice on the evaluation of collections;
  • Experts carried out by specialists in works of art.

Health professionals

Personal and professional protection based on confidentiality and commitment:

  • Professional Liability
  • Health professionals
  • Professional Disability
  • Low Labor
  • Accidents at work
  • Several diseases
  • Personal Heritage
  • Real estate
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Works of art, Jewelery,
  • Watches
  • Travels

Key Person

The “key person” in a family or company requires special and individualized protection plans, adapted to the risks and time in their lives.

  • Life insurance- for their profession
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Travel insurance (permanent)
  • Terrorism
  • Abduction and rescue
  • Repatriation

Secrecy and confidentiality!

Loss of pilot’s license

It aims to protect the pilot’s income against loss of license as a result of an accident or disease.

This risk will be covered permanently and worldwide, based on the pilot’s earnings.

Income Protection

Its main objective is to safeguard against loss of remuneration due to illness or accident, as well as:

  • Compensation in the event of death or disability
  • Treatment expenses for professional or extra-professional accidents

It is intended for Independent Workers, Self-Employed Professionals and Employees who earn Variable remuneration.

Clinical trials

Objective: to comply with DL 46/2004 regarding mandatory insurance for conducting clinical trials on human beings (experimental drug administration), including the responsibility of the trial promoter and the investigators.

Risks covered: damage resulting from bodily injury caused to patients undergoing the trials.

Disability, Death or Serious Illness

When it comes to safeguarding personal risks, it is essential that the risk assessment is carried out by experienced professionals who know the clauses.

Extreme Activities

Protection of the risks of Permanent Disability and death due to the practice of extreme sports.

Audiovisual Production

Partnership with specialized insurers to cover audiovisual risks:

  • Audiovisual production
  • Drones
  • Audiovisual Civil Liability
  • Cast
  • Scene vehicles
  • Russian arm
  • Errors & Omission

Credit intermediaries

It aims to guarantee the responsibilities arising from the activity of Credit Intermediary.

  • Professional negligence
  • Defense Costs

Prize Insurance

For that event or television program where there is the possibility of awarding a prize in kind or in cash, individually or as a team, such as for exemple:

  • “Hole-in-one” (golf)
  • Performance of an athlete or team (eg, number of goals scored, victory, exceeding world record, etc.)
  • Television program (ex. Wheel of Luck)

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