Ethics Code

Our Code of Ethics expresses the materialization of our Values ​​through the actions of our professionals, in line with the assumed mission.

As an independent entity that acts under the express mandate of its clients in the identification and management of risks susceptible to coverage by insurance policy, the responsibility and importance of the acts assumed before society determine a behavior that requires strict compliance with laws and respect for uses and professional traditions that are the safeguard and primary condition of their independence.

The objective of this Code is to establish a referential of professional conduct, with which all collaborators and partners identify, and whose principles assume in the defense of the interests of the consuming public and in the safeguarding of the ethics that must regulate their performance and relations with the Insurance activity in general, according to the following points:



1.1. The primacy of human values, based on integrity, honesty, good faith and transparency, in all circumstances.

1.2. Duty to inform and update: both regarding legal duties and the existence and permanent updating of this Code of Ethics, as well as the existence and total availability of Complaints Book and Compliments Book Client

1.3. Business competition: always underlying professional ethics and respect for competition, which is always assessed based on technical analysis.

1.4. Adequate insurance companies: for directing business to Insurance companies recognized for their suitability and professionalism.

1.5. Professional cooperation: as a friendly intermediary between the Client and the Insurance Company, providing both of them with all their technical capacity and aiming to obtain a healthy professional cooperation.



2.1. Prevalence of clients’ interests: by satisfying their requests and placing their interests above all others, and always ensuring high standards of service quality, from hiring to the hypothetical cancellation of the commercial relationship.

2.2. Multi-insurance consultation: to satisfy Clients’ requests.

2.3. Selection of insurance companies: in order to adapt the requests to the subscription of the risks involved.

2.4. Responsibility for information: both in the contracting process and in the subsequent assistance, even if it does not result from an accident, in order to safeguard the interests and clarification of Clients.

2.5. Adequacy and capacity: from requested by Clients to coverage options for risks existing in the market.

2.6. Support in the event of a claim: in claiming and reimbursing losses, in claims covered by your mediation policy.

2.7. Guarantee that the professional performance of all internal employees is guided by the principles set out in this Code.



3.1. Partners mean: PDEAMS, Affinity Members and Insurers;

3.2. Relationships based on mutual Value Creation;

3.3. Primacy of lasting relationships;

3.4. Scrupulous compliance with the commitments assumed;

3.5. Rigor: in professional relationships.



4.1. The hiring of employees is essentially based on business interests;

4.2. Promotion of working conditions that encourage professional excellence, as well as high levels of satisfaction and professional achievement;

4.3. Promotion of continuous training and professional enhancement, and encouraging Employees in the search for information and complementary training that will provide them with future opportunities;

4.4. Culture of Meritocracy;

4.5. Promotion of the harmonious combination of professional and personal life;

4.6. Employees must perform their duties in a loyal, diligent, friendly and diligent manner;

4.7. Employees are encouraged to collaborate as a group, giving priority to the professional interests of the group and the company.



5.1. Support for individual and collective participation in Social Responsibility actions;

5.2. Responsible conduct regarding waste separation and recycling;

5.3. Conduct to defend the environment by minimizing the use of paper, optimizing the use of technology.

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